Erectile Dysfunction and Nitric Oxide. How Does it Help?

Erectile Dysfunction and Nitric Oxide. How Does it Help?


There’s no shame in it lets talk about ED, it affects men and women.

I was tasked with writing this blog as none of the men in our team wanted to. When we discussed it they all assured me that they had never been affected by ED and therefore couldn’t write about it from a genuine perspective.


During my work as an energy healer I’m seeing more and more and men and women seeking my help as a healer for ED, they often come to me as a last resort having tried a variety of prescription drugs, counselling and alternative remedies.

Psychological and emotional disorders, such as anxiety and depression and stress as well as certain lifestyle choices, a lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, excessive drinking and, smoking can cause or exacerbate ED. However, sometimes it can strike just out of the blue. So what’s causing it to happen?


We are all familiar with little blue pills which can assist in this area Unfortunately, with prolonged use the side effects can be harmful. So what’s the healthy option?


Recently launched in the USA the Quantum Lifespring, Cardiaware supplements and Rocketonic Spray utilise Noble Prize winning nitric oxide Complexer science.

Manufactured in our own factories using the highest quality natural ingredients our products have been tested by doctors and sports professionals and demonstrate improved blood flow and increased performance in all areas of physicality.


Here’s the science….


Nitric oxide, or NO, is a molecule that's produced naturally inside your body. It plays a key role in promoting blood flow throughout your vascular system, making it important for your physical function, including your ability to get and maintain an erection. As we get older our levels of NO are depleted and need topping up that’s where our Rocketonic and Cardiaware supplements come into play. Our NO Complexer science, helps to boost your bodies, own natural ability to produce NO, as a result, many more smiles in the bedroom!


What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

Nitric oxide is produced naturally by your body. Inside your body, it works as a type of signaling molecule for your cells and organs. Nitric oxide plays a role in almost cellular and organ function in your body.

The key role of nitric oxide is to regulate the blood flow of your vascular system — the complex network of blood vessels that transports oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your organs, all while removing waste products.


Nitric oxide controls blood flow through its effects on soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC), a type of enzyme found in the smooth muscle of your blood vessels. When soluble guanylate cyclase is active, your blood vessels can increase in size, allowing for better blood flow to all parts of your body.


How Does Nitric Oxide Help with Errections?

Research has found that nitric oxide plays a key role in facilitating erections by relaxing the vascular muscle that supplies your penis with blood when you’re sexually aroused.


This increase in blood vessel diameter and blood flow is what allows your penis to stay firm and erect while you’re having sex. Because nitric oxide plays such a major role in healthy erections, medical conditions that reduce your production of nitric oxide can potentially contribute to erectile dysfunction.


Low nitric oxide levels may also contribute to a higher risk of common heart health issues, such as cardiovascular disease. So treat Ed as a warning and get your cardiovascular health checked out! Every 34 seconds someone in the USA will die of a cardiovascular related disease, often without any prior symptoms.


What Are Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Our Cardiaware supplements and Rocketonic spray contain active ingredients that enable your body to increase its own nitric oxide production. Increased NO levels mean greater energy levels, improved circulation and greater mental focus.


We really wanted to look at increased performance so we asked our great friend and fitness, guru, Coach Micah Levi Clarke test these products out for performance with the elite athletes that he coaches.


Using our products in conjunction with his athletes training programmes and he can see substantial improvements in their overall performance. He is astounded by the results!


When Nitric Oxide N=O is depleted (up to 85% due to the ageing process), the immune systems, ability to defend against viral infections is also greatly inhibited and impaired and viral infections such as influenza are greatly accelerated. N=O has been shown to exert antiviral activity against a number of different viruses.

What’s great is that you can even keep tabs on your increasing N=O level with our Free N=O test strips.


Will Cardiaware & Rocketonic Help with, ED?

Although nitric oxide supplements shouldn’t be viewed as treatments for ED, (as I’ve already mentioned they the issues are normally based in emotional stress), our research suggests that we definitely have products that will benefit erections and male sexual function. We have also found that women experience beneficial effects from our products particularly when going through menopause, when sex drive can be low.

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