Grounding & Earthing

Grounding & Earthing

So we all know that the sun’s energy is crucial for good health, but do you know that the earths energy is too?

When we make direct contact with the surface of the earth our bodies receive a charge of energy which make us feel better fast. This is called earthing.

Throughout history people were always naturally absorbing the suns energy but in today’s world we spend most of our time inside and even when we go outside we usually wear shoes that prevent us from connecting. So naturally we often feel drained and achy because we can go days or even years without touching the earth.

It doesn’t have to be this way you can start receiving the benefits of earthing by going barefoot outside, immediately boosting your energy levels. The longer you do this the better, this alone can be life changing. You will look better, feel better and sleep better. And it’s free!

If you enjoy earthing outdoors now you can enjoy earthing indoors, in your car, at work and on the move.

Carrying the QLS card close to your body will harmonize you. The water and food you consume and your environment. Leaving you feeling calm refreshed and revitalized.

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