What is Vibrational Science?

What is Vibrational Science?

Whilst many people will refuse to acknowledge the science of vibrational energy there have and continue to be many studies into this field by some the world’s greatest scientific minds.

 Quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

 The law of vibration runs the universe and impacts your life on a minute by minute and thought by thought basis. Manifesting your goals large or small would be impossible without this law which creates everything in life.

 We have all been in a position where they are having a lovely time chatting in a room full of people when someone new enters a room and the whole energy changes, like a chill in the air. This is because this person is giving off a negative vibration and you can feel the negativity enter the space and bring everyone else’s vibration down with it.

 Luckily we are in control of our senses and when we notice an unpleasant vibrational difference, we can move away from it. Provided that we ourselves are not in a negative space the law of attraction is likely to made sure that we probably won’t have to encounter this type of negative energy for too long.

 The law of attraction is what connects us with our desired dreams, people, circumstances, and opportunities, however it is the law of vibration that actually affects the effectiveness of our manifesting abilities.


Here’s how this natural vibrational law works:

 The law of vibration states that every substance, contained within our world has an electrical and magnetic charge in varying levels of density. This includes the elements and all the physical items which surround us, they are all made of molecules, which are made of atoms. All that we can see, feel and touch are atoms, essentially vibrating bundles of energy made of protons, electrons, and neutrons. Our existence and everything you see around you is just energy.


The energy of the cosmos and our own vibration have a reciprocal relationship. Once you realize that energy and substance are essentially the same things, you will be able to alter your life completely.


Every second of every day we are emitting a specific vibration. Good or bad our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are broadcasting our requests to the Universe.

Using the law of momentum through a consistent focus, regularly imagining our dreams, the law of attraction then matches our vibrations with the right, people, situations and opportunities.


Vibrations are the collection of our constant flow of thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Joy, love, honesty and truth are all positive vibrations. Anger, guilt, shame, resentment are negative vibrational frequencies. Positive vibrations feel light and enjoyable and negative vibrations feel heavy and unhappy.


My best advice to get the law of attract working for you is to raise your vibration by being honest with yourself and others at all times. Spread love and kindness whenever you can through compliments and praise, gestures and acts of kindness.


Manifesting or rather - What you have a Taste For!


Spend ten minutes a day, imagining what it is that you have a Taste For!


Not what you want or you’ll always be wanting, not what you desire or you’ll always be desiring, not what you deserve or you’ll always be deserving. Don’t worry about how it will come to you just imagine, what it is that you have a Taste For! Get clear on your vision imagine being there, enjoying it and feeling happy with your achievements.


This practice is essential however, with vibrational energy there are other factors which influence the law of vibration that must be in place for serendipity to come calling.


How to Master - The Law of Vibration


Thanks to our extensive brain capacity, we are able to visualize what it is that we have a taste for in our imagination, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like etc. And we’re also capable of imagining a whole lot of what we don’t want.


Most people never receive their big requests from Source because they keep contradicting their own vibrations.


They send mixed messages that create confusion, so they manifest things they don’t want or don’t even need. The law of vibration is not working in their lives because they are constantly thinking about the things they don’t want.


Have you ever decided with excitement to achieve something, and then the following day given yourself a hundred fear based reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do it?


Just for a moment think of all those times you made a commitment that you’d go to the gym or start a yoga class but never went. What about all those amazing business ideas you spent hours thinking about, that you promised yourself you’d look into but never did.


Over the years you’ve accumulated a catalogue of disappointments and lost dreams. All of these fear based decisions, self-doubt and lack of action have led to these subconscious

limiting beliefs working against your conscious desires. We are taught to listen to our heads and not our hearts so our subconscious mind will always win the argument by introducing fear and keeping you safe in a lack of positive action and stuck in your existence.


Keeping your vibration high is hard work and requires constant attention.


To succeed you must engage the power of self-belief, self-worth, determination, optimism. You must be your real authentic self and keep your actions in line with your own personal values at all times.


Allowing deep-seated fears to contradict your positive conscious vibrations will result in your conscious dreams always losing the battle. You will be left manifesting a whole load of nothing or more of the same mundane existence.


Used daily these meditations will raise your vibration sky high and will help you to reclaim inner peace and assist in attracting serendipity into your life.

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