Micah Levi Clark

"I use the Cardiaware and sleek Rocketonic quick spray as part of my daily & training regime. The results are remarkable. Improving nitric oxide levels is key for optimal performance. The Rocketonic instantly increases nitric oxide & ATP these high value quality ingredients and are hacks for improving health & performance no matter the individual."

Elite Performance & Fitness Consultant Health & Fitness, Performance FP 1 International California, USA

"I’ve been taking Cardiaware for about nine months now.

When I first began taking it, I noticed a significant increase in my energy level within a couple of days. My mind became more focused and I was accomplishing more in a day than before. That alone would be enough, but I will also add that I had been experiencing what felt like poor circulation in my legs while doing uphill power walks and intermediate level palates.

Cardiaware pretty much eliminated the problem in a matter of weeks. So many wonderful benefits in one product.…"

Roslyn Taylor, Customer

"This is my second card! I leave one in my water that I drink all day. I have never enjoyed drinking lots of water and I am truly amazed at how much I enjoy drinking my harmonized water. I now drink 2+ liters a day!"

Laurie Parrett, Customer

"I use this essentially only when I do a lot of driving. It augments the awesome energy provided by CardiaWare and the ATP spray. I take a full 8 sprays. Plenty of energy and no problem with attention to driving in winter conditions.
One thing I have noticed and it might be just me. I am 143kg and I take QardioMist™ Nitric Oxide Spray as I need a boost. Amazingly if I am doing nothing I just switch off and rest. But when I have to do something I seem to just increase in energy as I get into whatever I am doing. I have no problem sleeping afterward.I could go on and on about how good Rocketonic is. I use Core C plus zinc, b12 and d3 for immune support and Cardiaware and atp for heart. Also, I love the quantum card. Sorry to rattle on but am really sold on these products. Take care and be well"

- TINY JENSEN (Entrepreneur)

"These are truly amazing products that have helped me in so many ways! I have been using Cardiaware and QardioMist since Nov/20 and have experienced Lowered Blood Glucose Levels, Lower Blood Pressure Readings, a great boost in energy, clarity of mind and circulation to mention only a few. Due to my health condition (Type 2 Diabetes) my doctor was having my blood worked tested every 3 months. I am happy to report today that my results have exceeded our expectations and I am off all of my medications!! I highly recommend you try Cardiaware and QardioMist today!"

-ERIC COOPER-Seniorpreneur

"Core ATP, coreD3, C+Zinc, Cardiaware: Woke up early this morning & touching base with friends. I just realised that many in my circle of friends are now Covid positive.

I feel i have to share my experience...

When Covid came in 2020, I was in ICU for many weeks & kept me there. Not for Covid but because of my health condition. I was considered VULNERABLE: high BP, heart condition (3 strokes & 2 heart attacks), stage 5 Chronic kidney disease, diabetic plus being a senior (69yrs). Now am classified as IMMUNO- compromised. The medical team & family were worried, so, for the last 2 years of covid, my activity is limited to home to hospital & back, had to be covid tested every other day. We thought that was safe enough. In August 2021 I completed my vaccination (in spite of the delay waiting for Pfizer. When my Nephrologist realised i haven't been vaccinated, he immediately instructed my GP not to wait . Lucky ! When I went to the hospital for my dialysis, there were 3 Covid positives where i was for 5 hours, in the same room. Nurses wondered especially after being quarantined for 2 weeks. Tests were all negative. I had another 2 exposures in December. All negative.

What Bobby (my husband) has been doing for my health is amazing! It had been said "vaccination is not 100% guaranteed". It helped. But what he did to strengthen my immune system is amazing. He gives me all the MLS sprays everyday. And i think that made the big difference ! (these dietary supplement sprays: core ATP, coreD3, C+Zinc)

With my condition, I can not take any more additional medicines. But with these sprays, I am safe & must be working!"


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