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Quantum LifeSpring

Quantum Lifespring Card

Quantum Lifespring Card

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Our Quantum Lifespring card is the jewel in our crown. The card looks like a gold credit card and harnessing quantum resonance, when waved over a glass of water has to ability to restructure and revitalize the water within it.

Yes, the QLS card really will revitalize tap water and make it taste like the purest thing you have ever drunk. Use the card to Quantumize all organic matter that you consume ensuring that the structure, efficacy and quality of everything you eat and drink is improved. Use it to enhance your beauty products and essential oils the list is endless!

The QLS card is the ultimate gold card because when carried by the user it will revitalize and harmonize the water which is already contained within us. When used in conjunction with the Cardiaware & Rocketonic as part of a quantum lifestyle the sense of improved health is quite incredible.

Long-term users of the QLS card report better digestion, improved skin conditions, improved arthritis, improved erectile dysfunction, improved sleep, greater feelings of calm and reduced anxiety. Some men who have tested the product over a long period have seen improved hair growth.

• Improves blood circulation
• Improves stamina, endurance and strength
• Alleviate Soreness, aches and pains, while improving flexibility health of
blood cells and may reduce blood “stickiness/ Velcro-effect"
• Calms the mind and improves focus
• Strengthens the body’s bio-energy field to protect from harmful
electromagnetic waves
• Restore Balance and harmony to the body

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